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About This Course

The management of infectious uveitis represents a unique challenge, not only because of the difficulty in making accurate microbiological diagnosis, but also due to the unpredictable clinical response to antimicrobial therapy. This course will cover the commonly used antimicrobial therapies in uveitis, including basic principles of such therapy and the different treatment regimens.

Meet the Faculty

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Dr. Vishali Gupta

Course Structure

Date/Time Session Speakers/Participants
May 6th, 6 PM Topical and Local Corticosteroids Dr. Anamika Patel and Dr. Anup Kelgaonkar
May 13th, 6 PM Systemic Antibiotics Dr. Vishali Gupta
May 20th, 6 PM Antibiotics - Local (IOAB) Dr. Avinash Pathengay and Dr. Anamika Patel
May 27th, 7 AM International Grand Rounds - Sydney TBD

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