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LVPEI Uveitis Program – LVPEI

All of us have read chapters on uveitis during our ophthalmology training and heard wonderful talks on the subject in meetings and conferences. Yet, while sitting across the patient in the clinic, we feel baffled by the mix of clinical signs and symptoms that the patient presents to us. Often, the end result is a list of all-too-familiar investigations followed by a prescription of medications that hardly do justice to the vast information that is available in the field.

The LVPEI Uveitis Series will act as a bridge between your knowledge of uveitis and the patient in the clinic. It will help you identify different patterns of uveitis through clinical observation and judiciously use laboratory investigations and various treatment options. You had learnt the science behind uveitis, now you will know the art too!

The LVPEI Uveitis Series comprises of 12 Courses specially crafted to cover a key topic in uveitis.

Course starts on July 2, 2021

What You Will Learn:

  1. Identify various clinical signs of uveitis
  2. Classify uveitis into broad groups for systematic management of patients
  3. Apply imaging tools in defining different patterns of intraocular inflammation
  4. Develop rational use of laboratory and radiological investigations
  5. Understand the application of diverse treatment choices in uveitis

Who can take this series:

  1. Residents and fellows in training looking for answers to their basic questions in uveitis
  2. Early-career practitioners looking for a head start in uveitis
  3. Mid and late-career practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge of uveitis

Each course will contain the following 4 sessions, releasing one session every Friday, 2nd July onwards. The recordings of these sessions will be available to you for the entire duration of the series.

  1. “U and I” Session (60 mins): The topic will be introduced to the participants through a conversation between two faculty members, in which we will discuss clinical signs and the approach to diagnosis and treatment
  2. Keynote Lecture (60 mins): This will be delivered by a prominent clinician with vast experience in the field of uveitis
  3. Special Interest Group Meeting (90 mins): Two external faculty members and LVPEI faculty will join to discuss key questions on the topic, including those pre-submitted by the you
  4. International Grand Rounds (60 mins): You will be presented with 2 case studies, from LVPEI and a major uveitis center in a different part of the world

Each of the sessions will conclude with a Q&A with the participants through questions submitted on the online portal.

Courses in this series:

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